21 Jan

PS3 – Backup Manager Multiman Updated to Work on 3.55 Firmware Jailbreak

Multiman (Here is a multifunctional tool, which includes 5 different display modes (for games, AVCHD and Blu-ray) and a 6th – File Manager + background running FTP server.)

01.13.00 –

* Added support for CFW 3.55KMW and latest PL3 (kmeaw)
* Added check for proper access permissions
* [FW 3.55]: [R1] resets access permissions for selected game
* [Last Game] application updated (separate download)
* [ps3serv] PC application updated (separate download)
* Other fixes and improvements

This works on both jailbroken 3.41 and 3.55 kmeaws cfw without lv2 patcher

Current version: 1.13.00 (January 20th, 2011) (for PS3 systems with support for unsigned code execution)

================================================== =============
(FW 3.4+) MEGA package__: multiMAN 01.13.00 (190MB – 913 COVERS, 30 THEMES, LASTGAME, PS3SERV, EBOOTFIX) (For firmwares 03.40 – 03.55)
================================================== =============
(FW 3.4+) Base package__: multiMAN 01.13.00 (2MB – PKG & INI) (For firmware 03.40-03.55)
================================================== =============
(FW 3.15) Base package__: multiMAN 01.12.05 (2MB – PKG & INI) (For firmwares 01.90 – 03.30)
================================================== =============
(FW 3.4+) Last game app_: lastPLAY / lastGAME
================================================== =============
(PC HOST) PC HOST GUI___: PC host application with GUI (ps3serv_GUI.exe) for network hosting (540KB)
(PC SPLIT) SPLIT4G.EXE _: Application to split 4GB+ (large) files (split4g.exe) for transfer to USB FAT32, compatible with multiMAN’s JOIN/SPLIT functions and Comgenie’s FileManager

================================================== =============
(PS3 FIX) PERMISSIONS FIX: Install and run this package if you have problems with patched mode (PL3 payload)
================================================== =============

Og_Eternal says:

Will this Backup manager freeze the ps3?
I’ve been using gaia manager v2.02 and my ps3 has been freezing everytime i lauch a backup game

admin says:

Gaiga is not very stable at the moment, your best bet is definately multiman or rogero (http://www.smoothblog.co.uk/2011/01/21/rogero-manager-79a-autopatch-released-download/), check one of the latest posts, the download links are on it.
Its always good to have several managers available, if one doesnt work, try the new one etc..
Make sure you use the latest lv2 pkg for them to work though, also here on the blog (http://www.smoothblog.co.uk/2011/01/21/kmeaw-updates-lv2-patcher-fixes-bugs/)

Kevin says:

Does this work with geohots JB

admin says:

nope because geohots jb needs the lv2 hack, try using one of the other cfw’s

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